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International Protocol

Protocol is the set of conventions and procedures required to ensure the smooth running of large events, often where Royalty, diplomats, politicians or other VIPs will be present. Our International Protocol course is designed for embassy staff and heads of mission who require a good working knowledge of essential social skills and diplomatic protocol, perhaps social and private secretaries, deputy heads of mission or those new to a posting.

Our intensive programme is designed for those who need a good working knowledge of essential event planning, social and business protocol. From a newly posted embassy official to private private and executive assistants, this dynamic one day course ensures that all students are comfortable with the high standards of awareness required in their role; to build confidence and leadership skills to equip students with the knowledge and skillset to organise important events and VIP programmes without fault. From simple seating plans to the Lord Mayor's banquet; cutlery conundrums to international diplomatic communication, all will be debated, practiced and perfected.

Course tutors: William Hanson or John Robertson. Read their biographies.

Investment & Further Information

  1. £950 (inclusive of VAT)

  2. Dates available upon request

  3. Full day, private training

  4. Group rates available

  5. Chelsea, London

Protocol Fundamentals

What is it and why do we need to follow it?

First impressions, body language and cross cultural differences
British office etiquette
Standards of grooming
International dress codes and the protocol of dress
Medals and decorations

Introductions and conversation
Receiving lines
Greeting and introducing VIPs

Orders of precedence
Titles and correct forms of address
Business and social correspondence

British Royal protocol
State symbols: standards and country guidelines
Recces and wash-ups
Welcome ceremonies
Books of condolence

Spouse protocol and programmes of activity

Gift selection and presentation; international standards and pitfalls

International travel: be an ambassador for your country

Dining Room Protocol

With any large-scale conference, summits or meetings there will invariably be a meal or two for delegates and organisers to attend. Your tutor will discuss the various etiquettes and rules that are associated with formal dining to ensure you are fully aware of the sometimes-strict codes that are to be followed. Subjects covered will include:

Polite table talk
An introduction to the British place setting
Cultural differences in place settings
Pacing and waiting to begin: the rhythm of dining
How to eat soup with a fork! Handling tricky foods
Seating plans and placement
Guest lists for dining
Being the perfect host
Responsibilities as a guest
Passing the port
Toasts and speeches (including the loyal toast)

Client Testimonial

“For my job I often have to organise important events where we have several dignitaries and VIPs in attendance. I used to get very confused with where to seat them, how best to greet them and how to keep everyone happy, whilst not forgetting the purpose of the event. I registered for this course so I could gain more confidence with this subject. Even though my job description does not mention the word 'protocol' I still have to adhere to the rules and so the course hugely beneficial.” Sergei, Assistant Director of Marketing, London