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Silver & Starch: The How To of Good Housekeeping

7th February 2019

In many of today’s modern households staff are fewer and have to turn their hands to multiple roles, often not just working for royalty or VIPs but individual hard working entrepreneurs and professionals, for whom a trustworthy, competent and reliable assistant makes an invaluable difference. Our course is intended to provide the essential knowledge and practical skills for those who wish to expand their repertoire, as well as those already professionally-trained wishing to brush up their existing knowledge.

Our intensive one-day course covers housekeeping in detail. In this programme, emphasis is placed on cleaning, laundry, attention to detail, general daily graces and associated essential etiquette skills.

Social Etiquette and The Housekeeper's Eye

Definitions and Terminology & Getting the most out of your training
First impressions: body language and communication
The Housekeeper’s Eye
Housekeeping vs Housecleaning
Tools of the Trade

Room Detailing and Cleaning

Daily graces and room detailing
Curtains and window dressings
Rugs and floor coverings
Furniture and fine art
How to clean silver and crystal
Dining and service etiquette and simple decorations

Service Delivery, Pro-Active and Reactive

Setting the scene: The Master Suite
Kitchen hygiene
Turndown and Nightstands
Garment care and laundry
Understanding dress codes
Suitcase packing and unpacking
Wardrobe management

Organisational Skills and Managing a Team

Delivery logs
Maintenance logs
Table settings and simple decorations
Troubleshooting and sticky wickets

Investment & Further Information

  1. Thursday 7th February 2019

  2. Group tuition | Minimum 6 participants

  3. Chelsea, London

  4. 9.30am - 5.30pm

  5. Investment: £325 per person (inclusive of VAT)

  6. Tutor: Alison Brown

Client Testimonial

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging this course in the best and most effective way. It was an extremely informative few days with a lot of useful information shared by great professionals. I definitely have a different outlook and things I will work hard to implement back home. I feel honoured to have experienced this first hand training by the best."
Management team member of a Middle Eastern Royal Household, 2018