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The English Manner was founded by a former Member of The Household of Her Majesty The Queen who remains the Principal of our school today. We were the first British finishing school to be invited to teach modern etiquette skills, social confidence and cross-cultural integration in mainland China several years ago. Since 2011, we have been operational across a number of cities, from Tianjin to Shanghai, and now work in a variety of locations for individual and corporate clients. We teach a wide range of classes including children’s etiquette, public speaking, business protocol and VIP estate and hospitality management throughout China, and our interests are looked after by our partner agent office, The Image Collective, in Shanghai. Through our associations in the UK, we are also able to offer educational consultancy advice and placement, together with a wide range of classes for Chinese citizens coming to stay or live in the UK. We also offer cultural learning opportunities in the UK and will shortly be announcing a homestay programme for students coming to study in England in 2020.

Mandarin Online Courses

In 2019 we introduced a series of online learning programmes in Mandarin which are available for purchase.


The Image Collective



  1. 英然·精英教育板块-精英教育系类沙龙与论坛、精英教育咨询及报告、英国精英教育定制规划与辅导、素质培养课程体系(礼仪与修养)

  2. Vielife板块-为品牌提供从品牌策略,到品牌定位,到品牌体验,再到方案执行的全方位一站式解决方案

  3. 英然·管家学院-致力于为私宅, 企业, 商业及各类服务性行业提供具有中国特色的高标准专业服务型人才与人才培训体系


Telephone: +86 (0)21-52728331
Office Address: 2F, Building 7, No.697, Lingshi Road, Shanghai, China