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After conducting a thorough and in–depth assessment of the market, Arjang Abdollahi, the Founder and Chief Executive of Sam Etiquette and Protocol Institute (SEPI), along with his wife Sanaz Moghayeri, decided to take the lead in the field of etiquette and interpersonal relationships in Iran.

On the 21st of March 2017, the beginning of Iranian New Year, a partnership agreement was signed between The English Manner and SEPI and soon after, Diana Mather, Senior Tutor and Consultant of The English Manner, was in Tehran to conduct the Train the Trainer workshop for SEPI’s trainers.

Diana Mather in IranArjang Abdollahi has held senior positions working for different UN agencies and international organisations for more than fifteen years. Having the experience of working for multinational institutions with multicultural settings and knowing the context of Iran very well, he has an inimitable and exceptional position in offering training courses in the field of etiquette and interpersonal relationships based on Iranian culture and traditions as well as international standards.

Sanaz Moghayeri, Chairman of the board of SEPI, has had much experience in dealing with children and people professionally for more than fifteen years.

Arjang and his team will be offering services for national and international businesses within the private sector as well as government institutions. Social manners and etiquette for interested individuals and children of all age groups are other services available through the institute.

The training courses will be available in Persian and English at the request of our clients.

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