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The English Manner is delighted to partner with Kristina Tubbritt to open our style and etiquette courses to Russia beginning in late summer 2019.

Kristina Tubbritt spent 13 years working in international finance prior to founding the school of etiquette and protocol The English Manner Russia which is operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Her deep interest in etiquette began when she was working in a Japanese bank after she attended extensive training of the Japanese business culture. This is where she experienced how this knowledge can have a positive impact both on your private and business life, or how you can lose your client by neglecting the smaller details of etiquette. That was the crucial moment when she realised that etiquette has never been so important than in the modern global environment, and she developed the courses “Art of good manners” and “Language of kindness”. With each lesson, it became very clear to her that it was vital to establish a school in Russia. She studied at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. But that was simply not enough so she decided to go to England.

Inspired by a rich history and best tradition and practicality of etiquette in the modern world with the highest levels of standards coming from England, Kristina felt that The English Manner embodies the true definition of etiquette. These fundamental values and philosophy became a common ground for our partnership.

Today The English manner Russia is a unique school in Russia that provides bespoke etiquette training for individuals, households, schools, and corporates. All training can be delivered both in Russian and English and adhere to world-renowned standards and attention to detail with a little splash of the Russian soul added in for good measure.

The English Manner Russia website is coming fall 2019.