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The Butler Today

Monday 18th - Friday 29th March 2019

A Two-Week Career-Enhancing Training Programme in Butler and Houseman Skills for the 21st Century Household

The Domestic Service market is changing; modern employers require ‘all-rounders’ who can step in where needed. Every role within a private household now includes multi-tasking and a bit of ‘everything’, from driving three cars to making the children’s supper and then serving at table at a black tie dinner. As a result, the lines between roles have blurred and candidates seeking a good private post need to be competent in a wide range of skills.

Syon Park

In close association with Capstar we are pleased to offer this two-week non-residential programme, which provides discrete training modules including social and communication skills, packing and valeting, table setting and service, bar service and events management, health and safety, household inventory management and care, maintenance programmes, ownership of roles and duties, team building and mentoring for good household practice, chauffeur and security awareness skills.

The programme will take place in the stunning and authentic backdrop of an ancestral home, just minutes from London Heathrow and near Syon Lane stations into central London. A private apartment within the House has been renovated and designed without compromise for residential use, offering space and privacy of a luxury residence. Stylishly appointed interiors, equipment and hardware give a hands-on approach to tuition emulating a modern international city residence of the 21st Century.

Throughout the programme, taught by our expert tutors, students will learn core skills: how to set tables, how to serve, how to mix drinks and pass canapés, all with charm and discretion. They will learn the concept of the Red Book & The White Board; be familiar with kitchen hygiene and how to handle glassware and fine china, clean silver and look after often priceless items.

The programme is intended to add useful skill sets to already-trained professionals or those who have some background in the armed forces or private service with a real desire to progress. Career development advice with practical assistance on how to write a CV will be included, and a preferential placement service for candidates when suitable roles are available. This is by no means a guarantee for a new job, but is intended as a route to learn and enhance the skill set required for today’s modern household; where staff are fewer and have to turn their hands to multiple roles, often not working for royalty or VIPs but individual hard working entrepreneurs and professionals, for whom a trustworthy, competent and reliable assistant makes an invaluable difference.

For candidates who already have relevant experience and want to step up to the role of House Manager or Housekeeper, additional optional modules are available, and the housekeeping module of one week will run on a regular basis when the number of candidates seeking this permit.

After successful completion of the programme (including practical and written tests), candidates will be awarded an accredited certificate in competence in the listed Private Household Management Skills taught.