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Business Etiquette and Protocol

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing how to behave in the professional world has never been more important. Having the extra polish to back up your brilliant business brain is a smart way to make you invaluable to your company.

The world is getting a lot smaller and business travel is much easier than it ever was, and so it won’t just be your own country where you do business – you need to know how to behave when on a mission abroad.

 This intensive, accredited course will equip students with the tools to ensure they get the upper hand in business situations.

Your tutor will work individually with you to make sure you understand every part of the content.

Tutors: William Hanson or Diana Mather. Read their biographies.


Investment & Further Information

  1. £855 (inclusive of VAT)

  2. Dates available on request

  3. Full day, private training

  4. Rates available for groups and couples

  5. Chelsea, London

  6. Elements of this course can also be delivered as online tuition

Introductions and Networking Skills

It’s back to basics for the first part of the course as your tutor will discuss and explain the fundamentals of business protocol, networking and interpersonal skills. Some of the topics your tutor will cover include:

  1. Introducing yourself and others

  2. How to have a handshake people can trust

  3. Social kissing in the world of work

  4. Including bystanders and strangers

  5. Working the room

Looking Like You Mean Business

We are firmly in the digital age, and many of us spend our working days hunched over our computers, slaving away at hot keyboards. Understandably, our posture has deteriorated and if not corrected then we’ll be very familiar with the chiropractor in later life. If you greet potential clients looking like a sack of potatoes too, then no one is going to want to do business with you!

  1. Sitting with poise and gravitas

  2. Entering and leaving a room to capture attention

  3. Body language: reading the silent signals

  4. ...and more

Cross-Cultural Dining

The second part of the day focuses on food and how to eat it. Western dining is very much focussed on minimising the awareness that one is eating, and the many rules and protocols that come with the dining room can confuse many people, but once explained the myriad of cutlery and glasses is demystified forever. What could be worse than being taken out for lunch with a top client and showing yourself up as you begin to sweat when faced with an army of cutlery and glasses? As part of the day you will enjoy lunch in one of our venue’s semi-formal dining rooms, where your tutor will continue this part of the course. Just some of the topics included in this module:

  1. The tools of the trade

  2. How to hold cutlery and glasses

  3. Dining differences around the world

  4. Rhythm and pace

  5. Tipping at home and abroad

Corporate Entertaining & Hospitality

Business is not just for the boardroom. Many professionals will be wined and dined at restaurants; even some job interviews for more senior positions will be conducted over the dining table – normally to see how your table manners shape up (if you eat like a primate they won’t let you dine with important clients and that promotion will go to someone with better table manners). Building on from the dining skills module of the course, this module will look at how to entertain international clients at your home, in restaurants and more.

  1. Restaurant dining with clients

  2. Organisation of company events

  3. Navigating networking events

  4. Welcome clients at the airport

  5. ...and more

Business Protocol

Here we outline the essential nuggets of protocol that are still needed in the modern world of work. The dilemma about which side is best to stick your name badge on at a networking event, and the numerous variations on handing out businesscards across the globe. Many groan when they hear the word protocol, but once explained then it becomes incredibly easy to understand and there’s no need further need to worry. A working knowledge of business protocol will give you the extra confidence to impress your colleagues and boss. A few of the topics your tutor will cover include:

  1. Business cards and 'props'

  2. Name badges

  3. Entering an office: when and where to sit

  4. Corporate gift giving

Dress for Success

It’s all very well knowing how to shake a hand and how to introduce your Chief Executive, but if your clothes don’t match your new found confidence and soft skills then you’re back to square one. We will look at formal and semi-formal dress codes and what these really mean for men and women, the different expectations of employee dress within organisations, and how to handle dress-down Friday. Our clothes can say a lot about us and many do not think enough about what they pick out to wear in the morning and the connotations and silent messages that they give out.

  1. Dress codes explained

  2. Company culture

  3. Hair and grooming

  4. Dress-down Fridays

  5. ...and more

Client Testimonial

“I thoroughly enjoyed my business etiquette course. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from someone who so elegantly breathes life into the important world of manners and courtesy towards others in a way that is understandable for all. My tutor's knowledge, discretion, and kindness will always be remembered. Thank you so much to The English Manner team who helped arrange the course.” | Jennifer, Financial Advisor, Bedfordshire