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Children's Etiquette

November 2019 - Group Course

Our new two-part tutorial has been designed to guide children through the essential basic etiquette skills needed to build self-assurance, enabling them to present their best side and make the most of the opportunities that come their way; gaining confidence and expressing themselves appropriately. Led by our specialist tutor who has exceptional and extensive experience in tutoring children and young adults, the tutorial will engage students using a variety of methods including role play and quizzes.

  1. Sunday 17th and 24th November

  2. Each session will be 2 hours

  3. The Sloane Club, Chelsea, London

  4. Recommended ages: 7 - 10 years old

  5. Investment: £395 per person, including VAT

  6. The second tutorial on the 24th includes a traditional English afternoon tea

  7. Minimum 4 children | Maximum 10 children

Session One - 17th November

Meeting & Greeting
Every interaction counts and first impressions are important

  1. Handshakes

  2. Introductions

  3. Introducing yourself

  4. Confident entrances and exits

Confident Conversation
You have lots to say! Conversation is easy when you know how

  1. Conversation tips

  2. Small talk

  3. Talking to grown ups

Body Language and Posture
Be aware of silent signals, body language can be an expression of what you are thinking so be careful!

  1. Positive and negative gestures

  2. Sitting, walking, standing

  3. Good posture when 'on show’

Session Two - 24th November

Dining Etiquette and Table Manners
This is an essential skill that has degrees for formality depending on where you are our tutorial will include a practical pretend run-through of a three-course meal with a full place setting per person to practice with

  1. How to set the table

  2. How to use cutlery and practical skills

  3. Social graces at the table

Hosting and Guesting
Making others feel comfortable is essential; respect other people's things/environment

  1. Going to someone's house: playdates and grown up

  2. Hosting guests at your house

Afternoon tea
Table manners and afternoon tea etiquette skills put into practice, taught over a traditional English afternoon tea

Private Courses

We are pleased to offer private tuition for children and families, either in the privacy of their own home or at our central London training venue. Tuition is bespoke and we work with you ahead of the fun and informative tutorial(s) to create a personalised course for your children. Investment upon application.

Online Learning

For those who wish for their children to begin their etiquette and manners tuition at home, we are pleased to offer a 20 minute video tutorial, which is available for immediate, online streaming. The video covers topics such as saying hello, appropriate greetings for all ages, how to set a table, dress and appearance, posture and polite eating. Investment from $50.

Children’s etiquette

Over twenty minutes of informative video designed for parents to enjoy with their children and learn good manners and best behaviour. The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette’s top tutors, aided by students James and Charlotte, will show how to meet new friends, make eye contact, help set the table, eat correctly with a knife and fork, dress appropriately and know the difference between indoor and outdoor voices.

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