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Social Etiquette

This accredited course focuses on those burning questions and social sticking points you’ve always had but were too afraid to ask. It is ideal for those who wish to polish up their politesse, perhaps due to a change of lifestyle, living arrangement, or just to find that extra bit of confidence. Your tutor will work individually with you to make sure you understand every part of the content.

Tutors: William Hanson, Diana Mather or Lord Fermoy. Read their biographies.

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Investment & Further Information

  1. £855 (inclusive of VAT)

  2. Dates available on request

  3. Full day, private training

  4. Chelsea, London

  5. Rates available for groups and couples

  6. Elements of this course can also be delivered as online tuition

Introductions and Social Skills

It’s back to basics for the first part of the course as your tutor will discuss and explain social interaction. Some of the topics you will cover include:

  1. The perfect introduction and handshake

  2. Social kissing

  3. What to do when you have forgotten someone's name

  4. Small talk to big talk

  5. Getting rid of the social bore!

Deportment & Posture

We are firmly in the digital age, and many of us spend too much time hunched over our computers, slaving away at hot keyboards. Understandably, our posture has deteriorated and if not corrected then we’ll be very familiar with the chiropractor in later life!

  1. How to sit like The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

  2. Walking (yes, with the book on the head!)

  3. Body language and understanding the silent signals

  4. ...and more

Dining Etiquette

The second part of the day focuses on food and how to eat it. Western dining is very much focussed on minimising the awareness that one is eating, and the many rules and protocols that come with the dining room can confuse many people, but once explained the myriad of cutlery and glasses is demystified forever. As part of the day you will enjoy a one-course lunch in one of our venue’s semi-formal dining rooms, where your tutor will continue this part of the course. Below are just some of the areas your tutor will cover:

  1. The tools of the table

  2. Napkin placement

  3. Introduction to western place settings

  4. Cultural dining differences

  5. Handling tricky food

Elegant Entertaining

Thanks to various popular television shows, staying in is the new going out. Entertaining at home is now the preferred option when it comes to getting a group of friends together and is key for enhancing friendships and conducting business in a more relaxed setting. Yet many are unaware of how to do it properly and the very thought of having people for dinner can induce a mild panic and cold sweats. Fear no longer as we school you in the theory as to how to put on that 10/10 dinner party.

  1. Dinner parties and kitchen suppers

  2. The role of the host and duties for guests

  3. Cocktail vs drinks parties

  4. ...and more

Communication Skills

Whilst many will now be invited to a party via Facebook rather than a postal invitation, knowing the correct form and 'done thing' helps any guest or aspiring host negotiate the social minefield that is correspondence.

  1. The art of letter writing, from thank you letters to condolence letters

  2. Business vs social letters

  3. Invitations: sending and replying

  4. Managing your online presence

Dressed for Success

It’s all very well knowing how to shake a hand and how to introduce your friends, but if your clothes don’t match your new found confidence and soft skills then you’re back to square one. We will look at formal and semi-formal dress codes and what these really mean for men & women, as well as discussing how to carry your designer handbag and wear those sunglasses without looking tacky. Our clothes and dress sense reveal lot about us and many do not think enough about what they pick out to wear in the morning and the connotations and silent messages that they give out. Just some of the areas your tutor will teach include:

  1. Dress codes explained: from white tie to smart casual

  2. Knowing when to remove your hat

  3. Shoes, socks and hosiery

  4. Sunglasses, jewellery and accessories

Client Testimonials

“My tutor was a perfect example of poise and elegance. She was approachable and patient, too. I felt safe to ask any 'silly' question. The venue was very elegant and I really liked that we had our own private room with tea and coffee when requested.” Sarah, Personal Assistant, London

“I really enjoyed my class yesterday with Diana Mather. She was wonderful, and I left feeling like I had gained the confidence that I was lacking.” Holly, London