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Style and Image

Style is defined as an expression of yourself in what you wear, a way of saying or doing something and the way you arrange your appearance. English style is quintessentially understated and elegant; effortless dressing with impeccable appearance, good taste and sophisticated manners. It has been said that 'fashion distracts, whilst style connects' and what purpose would good manners serve without the style and panache to go with them?

First impressions count. Perfect posture, good grooming and a stylish appearance go hand in hand with social and business grace, and we are delighted to be able to offer style and image coaching, under the direction of style tutor Emma Lane.

You may want a total wardrobe update, to find an outfit for a special occasion, create a working wardrobe or just feel overwhelmed by choice and need help to find the right shops and clothes for you. Emma is known for concentrating on her client's needs and lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy discovering new ideas and ultimately achieving great results in clothing and style choices to suit their lives.

One-to-one sessions are entirely flexible and Emma will spend time talking to you about what you need from our programme to get the best results.

About Emma Lane

Emma LaneEmma Lane joined The English Manner in 2017 to continue development of our style and fashion initiatives. She has over twenty five years’ experience in the fashion industry, working with Lady Tryon at Kanga at the height of its success in the 1990s before going on to work in magazines and subsequently for many years at Polo Ralph Lauren. Emma trained as an image consultant twelve years ago, recognising the need for a stylish, down to earth approach to the vast and often confusing world of fashion and dressing. Emma has developed a strong private client base of all ages, including tutoring graduates in dress codes, style and image in the business world. She has a realistic approach to the individual needs and desires of her clients in navigating the wonderful and important world of fashion, image and personal shopping.


Subject to your exact requirements investment ranges from £420 for half a day's coaching and £750 for a full day's coaching. Please contact us for a precise quotation.