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Household and Estate Management

The English Manner is recognised globally as one of the leading providers of staff training for private households, luxury hotels and clubs. We have become synonymous with the concept of household standards training and management and offer a comprehensive service for many aspects of a client’s lifestyle.

Retained by several of the world’s largest and most notable private palaces, houses, yachts and aircraft, we provide tailored training solutions and systems on a bespoke basis. Our client list is strictly confidential but each one of them notes our attention to detail and professionalism.

Management of any property today is a challenge. Complex technical systems jostle for position with environmentally friendly products to ensure proper care and maintenance. Roles vary widely as economic factors kick in and many simply don’t have the budget or the space for multiple live-in staff. Training is scant and erratic, and standards across the globe have foundered yet the finest individuals can command high salaries and fabulous loyalty. A competitive market means that skills of the highest level will win the day and can provide a valuable career boost. Experienced staff recognise that skills can be constantly debated and updated and by keeping up to date with new techniques as well as revisiting traditional approaches, the chance of attaining career progression increases considerably.

Designed by Alexandra Messervy, all our household training programmes follow modern methods whilst paying heed to tradition and tried and tested solutions; give contemporary advice in a fast-paced ever changing world where a nanny acts as chauffeur and a butler may well be asked to book a private jet after valeting the car; and ensure the best service skills to translate to the ultimate Principal and guest experience.

Since our inception, we have been retained by several high profile Royal and VIP households, private yachts and airlines to ensure standards are maintained, staffing levels are appropriate and staff are properly trained with advice given on best practices and management.

In addition to our private estate and household management training, we offer training for luxury hotels and retail brands across the world who are offering VIP guest, butler or specialist concierge services. Recognising the difference between service in a private home versus a hotel or luxury brand retailer is key, as well as identifying the different requirements of individuals. All training is tailored to suit the service to be offered, and is frequently combined with our specialist customer service skills and hospitality etiquette training.

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In 2017, we were proud to establish The English Manner and Charles MacPherson Butler and Household Management Academy with our partners The Image Collective, in Shanghai, which offers specialist programmes for private household, hotel and luxury brand retailing staff across China.

We are pleased to deliver household staff training for our trusted partner Domestic Bliss Appointments.