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Bespoke Household training

The English Manner offers tailor made programmes for staff at our special venues in the Cotswolds and Yorkshire, or in their own locations, worldwide.

Training can be one-to-one or for multiple staff teams and is designed after consultation with principals, management or staff to ensure they get the best out of their location, systems and equipment and are up to date with the best methods for the industry to enhance professionalism, dedication and skills.

In consultation with our principals and tutors, clients can choose from a range of subjects to suit their needs, estate or household, from a Royal palace, international superyacht or multiple villa complex, to a holiday rental cottage. All training is proposed to ensure that our extensive experience meets the client's needs, and a comprehensive 'observational needs assessment' can be conducted prior to training with suggestions on how to establish best practice.

Ideally held in the staff workplace, our specialist assistance is the most effective way to teach household management because the student is able to identify their own equipment and learn in the environment where they work and feel comfortable in, better highlighting issues, pitfalls and strengths. We understand, however, this is not always feasible or discreet and our own venues are available.

Following training, assistance can be given with developing systems, staff plans and household manuals, together with review refresher and follow up training where appropriate. This is often particularly useful for crew operations, a new household or where multiple locations are being managed.

Our methods are designed to ensure that our relationships with clients and students are long lasting. There is no better recommendation than returning principals and staff, and we are delighted to remain in touch with many.

Client Testimonial

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging this past week in the best and most effective way. It was an extremely informative week with a lot of useful information shared by great professionals. I definitely have a different outlook and things I will work hard to implement back home. I feel honoured to have experienced this first hand training by the best." | Management team member of a Middle Eastern Royal Household, 2018

Our curriculum for bespoke training can include:

  1. Management, systems and accountability

  2. Personal presence, etiquette and communication skills

  3. Dining skills and service, tea trays and cocktails

  4. Wine and cellar management

  5. Valeting and ladies' maid skills

  6. Specialist laundry care skills

  7. Health and Safety, fire and food hygiene awareness

  8. The perfect housekeeper, cleaning skills and products for today

  9. Preferred services and dealing with contractors and external staff

  10. Event planning and party organisation

  11. Flower arranging and preparing decorations for special events

  12. Guest liaison and services

  13. Staff mentoring and coaching